Get ready for an extended fight with The Trouble with Robots

Get ready for an extended fight with The Trouble with Robots

The Trouble with Robots never really seems to go away, after all, an invading metallic species isn't going to just die off, which is why after many a positive review, the guys at Digital Chestnut have decided to make it that bit easier to get into the fray by dropping the price of the card-based PC strategy.

To address a few concerns, Digital Chestnut are currently working on a free patch codename Megamort that will add 10 new levels to the game as well as other new content that will be available in the next couple of months, ready to start building your deck again?

The Trouble With Robots is set in a fantasy world where people are having a bit of trouble with foreign robots that arrived via a giant spaceship, unfortunately they do not grasp that the magical human world that they landed on is not the same as their more civilised high tech society, so they attack.

With 40 collectible cards in the game, players will prepare for each level by building their deck that determines what sort of army they will summon and what supportive spells can be used. With rich fantasy summons ranging from trolls to dragons, elven archers or centaurs to defend against the growing robotic threat, it is a brilliant, if not short game. But if your gaming has been lacking card based games, why not check out our review and get a copy, especially with the new price drop!

The Trouble with Robots is available now from the Digital Chestnut website for £9.99.