Get a little inspiration and rule your own island in the Tropico 4 Gold Edition

Get a little inspiration and rule your own island in the Tropico 4 Gold Edition

Rejoice, El Presidente returns to us in Tropico 4 Gold Edition allowing fans to purchase both Tropico 4 and the revolutionary Modern Times expansion in one brilliant little box, so you can’t put tropical bliss off any longer, no seriously, it’s out now!

Kalypso Media have brought the bundle of the award-winning city builder and its equally beloved expansion to PC and consoles, and if you’ve never travelled to the tiny Caribbean island of Tropico and are a fan of economic simulators, then you probably should listen up, or watch these two catchy videos, after all Tropico has some of the most beguiling music since SimCity!

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>ico 4 allows you to become the heroic leader of the people, or the despicable arm of capitalism across two extensive campaigns with over 30 manic missions, or for as long as you like in the fantastic sandbox mode. If you want your economy to run on tourism, farming, big businesses or sweat shops the choice if yours, pocket all the earnings yourself or share it out to the people, there’s just too much choice, and all brilliantly achieved with the right amount of humour!

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>pico 4 Gold Edition is out now on Xbox 360 and Windows PC, if you missed out on the game and its expansion when they were released, now is your chance to get them in one great bundle, and if you still aren’t sure, then keep your eyes peeled for our review coming up shortly.