Train Frontier Express bringing trains to the masses

Trains are dominating our gaming space at the moment, it’s ok, we don’t mind really, because trains are awesome, after all, The Mount Fuji Express is testament to that.

Unfortunately this game does not contain the Mount Fuji Express, or any other ‘real’ trains for that matter, because it is a new Xbox Live Indie Game heading to the Indie Store at the end of August, and there’s one really good reason why you should buy it, which we’ll get to in a bit.

Train Frontier Express is a stylised landscape building train riding game, that focuses on the fun aspects of model railroad building rather than complex train simulation. There’s even 4 player online Xbox Live play support, allowing you to share your own maps with friends and ride around them together.

With its what-you-see-is-what-you-get world editor you can fill your scene with miles of track, hundreds of props and most importantly train car setups. This is all achieved with a funky pop-art aesthetic that really brings the game into its own, compared to most train games Frontier Express is simply exuding style, and it is already putting a lot of Xbox Live Indie titles to shame.

However, most importantly, because Train Frontier express is made entirely of customised train setups this opens up proper derailment and explosive effects! For those that are unaware, because most train games deal with realistic trains, explosions are a bit of a no-go; after all, what train company wants players to explode their trains.

Here’s a little example of exactly what is possible in the game;

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>in Frontier Express will be one of the few train games to hit the console market which is very uncommon in the West, they promise updates to expand the game including co-op world editing in the future for this Indie game that is a Indie Games Summer Uprising Finalist. It will be available August 31st for 240MSP.