Build the track you've always wanted with TrackMania on the Wii!

One of the most popular online racing games; TrackMania is coming to the Nintendo Wii, and just like the PC version, it comes with a comprehensive track editor, and will definitely be one of the better racing games available for the console. Control of your vehicle will be through the use of the Wii remote and nunchuck, classic gamepad or the wii wheel to drive, so players have a variety of choice in how they wish to race their cars round tracks at insane speeds.

The track editor comes with over 1000 building blocks, and while in most racing games you get straights and corners, TrackMania provides ramps, loops and boosts to name but a few variations. There are many different shapes and sizes of custom tracks available ranging from a straight and part of a loop to huge two minute laps, even the prebuilt tracks are challenging and are often more difficult than they look.

TrackMania will ship with over 200 tracks spread across six locations and six racing disciplines, the locations are as follows: Stadium, Island, Coast, Desert, Rally and Snow. Each location has blocks specifically designed to fit it’s theme as well as vehicles specific to the location, players of the Windows versions will already be familiar with most of these.

Just like its Windows PC cousins TrackMania will have online play hopefully with the ability to upload your tracks to servers or send them as challenges to your friends, as this has been one of the more popular sides of the online versions of the game. TrackMania will be released sometime Summer 2010 on the Nintendo Wii, if you want to give the game a try you can download it here for free for Windows PC.

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