A limited edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller

A limited edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller

Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have recently unveiled a special edition controller that may tempt Tomb Raider fans or collectors out there.

Some may find it a little ugly, or some will adore the new Tomb Raider wireless controller that will be sold alongside the release of Tomb Raider on Xbox 360. The controller features a two-layer finish that has scratches to make it look worn. It also features the transforming dpad like all recent controllers released allowing you to have better control over the dpad.

Also for anyone purchasing the Tomb Raider controller you'll be given a download code for an Xbox 360 exclusive playable character; the Scavenger Archer, presumably for the multiplayer section of Tomb Raider. I would have hoped for an avatar item, maybe a Lara outfit or a prop of some variety but unfortunately there isn't one included.

I probably would prefer the controller more without the bandage wrapped around the bottom left, but otherwise the worn scratches look great and it's a nice shade of red as well. Definitely a must by when I go pick up my copy of Tomb Raider.

The Tomb Raider controller will be available on March 5th in your local GAME store for £39.99.