Our mini review of the To The Moon Holiday Special minisode

Our mini review of the To The Moon Holiday Special minisode

To celebrate the new year some developers wish nice feelings to their fans, others like Kan Gao of freebird games make a small game for his fans to enjoy. If you've played the heartwarming adventure game To the Moon -which you should have- then you'll want to check out the free holiday minisode, unfortunately the minisode doesnt make much sense without the full game, so I suggest you pick up a copy! You're just in luck because it's currently available in the Humble Bundle!

The minisode is not an epic new story, however what it presents is a charming 20 minute segment of a side of the Sigmund corporation that was not present in To The Moon, most importantly, it of course focuses on Eva and Neil, possibly the only characters in a game that I could describe with actual chemistry!

To The Moon, game maker style

Whilst you won't be creating artificial memories for anyone in the minisode, you do get to see another side of Sigmund as well as play a very crude version of To The Moon, and in these 20-odd minutes you get to unearth all the wonderful memories of To The Moon that you may have forgotten, not to mention get excited for freebird Games' next title A Bird Story!

However, if you've not played To The Moon a whole lot of that would have made no sense, so perhaps I'll fill you in on the premise of To The Moon and why you should play it.

In the year 2060 Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts work for a corporation who offer the inception of artificial memories into a person's mind, these new memories come at a cost however, and the conflict between the new and existing memories clash in a way that stops the person from properly functioning, because of this, the 'operation' is only performed on patients that are on their deathbeds, giving them the ability to fulfil any lifelong dreams that they never managed to perform in their real life.

He knows the moves

To plant the ambitions into the patients minds, the doctors are required to step into the memories of the patient and traverse backwards through their life until they reach childhood and transfer the wish and influence the patient to lead an entirely different life inside their head so that when they wake up, they have lived the life they never could, before succumbing to a blissful death.

The game is centred around a particular patient's ambition of becoming an astronaut, Dr. Rosalene and Dr.Watts must implant this ambition but on the job that should have been simple, the patients life unravels as far more complex than they thought. Thanks to the banter between the two doctors and the touching story you'll find yourself glued to your screen as you observe the patient's life, and you will not be disappointed in this very sad and very simple adventure game!

To the Moon is available now in the Humble Bundle, alternatively when the bundle switches in 11 days you can get To The Moon straight from the developers or Steam for the SRP of around £6.99, as simple as the games graphics may be, To The Moon has an honestly touching story, the free Holiday Minisode can be downloaded from here.