Thomas Was Alone now has a narrator!

Thomas Was Alone now has a narrator!

Last night there was an event up in Nottingham, or down in Nottingham of course dependant on where you live. That event was GameCityNights a reoccurring event that happens on Thursdays every month in a bar called Antenna in Nottingham.

Well last night's event featured the likes of Andrew Smith of Spilt Milk Studios, and Mike Bithell showing off the newest build of Thomas Was Alone and giving the audience a treat of a brand-new trailer featuring the new VO that's going to be included in the game, along with the announcement of the person behind the voice.

That person is Danny Wallace who you may know from his various books, his show on Xfm or how most will know him; as Shaun Hastings from Assassin's Creed. You can see an example of Danny's work below in the new Thomas Was Alone trailer.

If you'd like to know more about Thomas Was Alone you can read our preview on an earlier build or donate a little money towards to the game.