There's a Hungry Giraffe coming to PSP Minis very soon

Very soon they’ll be a new Playstation Mini title to keep yourself busy with, not only is it an adorable game, but the sound effects just help round it all off. Making the giraffe sound almost Yoshi like when he munches down on a piece of grub, or at least that's what I immediately thought! The game in question is Hungry Giraffe, the new game from UK developer Laughing Jackal.

In Hungry Giraffe oddly enough you play as hungry giraffe who just can’t stop himself from eating; be it sandwiches, apples or strawberries he just can’t get enough, and you also have to help him dodge any bad items, such as anvils or non-prescription drugs.

Hungry Giraffe features a delightful visual style which also features higher resolution art when played on a Playstation 3, now it leaves us to wonder what happens when played on a Vita as opposed to a PSP, but we’ll assume for now it looks the same as if played on a PSP.

Either way you should definitely check out the trailer as I fell in love with it the second I watched it, and I can’t wait to get that hungry giraffe something to eat.

As a Playstation Plus user you’ll be able to download the game now for free, although if you aren’t you can wait for its general release on February 15th for a very reasonable £2.49.