There's a great new video for The Last of Us

There's a great new video for The Last of Us

So if you're a Playstation 3 owner and aren't looking forward to The Last of Us then perhaps you've had enough of the post-apocalyptic bleak future style setting which has had a big comeback over the past three or four years in games and other media.

The first trailer which accompanied the announced of course was quite specific in what it showed with a zombie style infected person enemy; however the new trailer shows another side of the game, a side I was hoping for. With humans trying their hardest to survive and get what they need, Joel and Ellie accidentally stumble into one of their traps, but I shouldn't explain the whole trailer, press play now!

It's familiar to anyone of course who's seen bleak films like The Road, Hell or even just watching The Walking Dead. Everybody's looking after No.1 so they may want your car, women or supplies and you'll have a hard time stopping them from doing so. In this dystopian setting it’s eventual that people will come to this horrible style of humanity, which isn't seen in games that much so we welcome this style of enemy to the game.

This short segment of trailer has bumped The Last of Us back to the top of my "need this game" radar, and I only hope we get to see or even play something new at E3 in June.