Suit up and sign on for The Showdown Effect Beta!

Suit up and sign on for The Showdown Effect Beta!

Paradox Interactive and Arrow Head Studio’s The Showdown Effect is set in a world where fast-paced combat meets over the top movie clichés. From the crazy developers that made Magicka, you can assume that absolute mayhem is bound to ensue, and so Paradox have decided that they want to open the floodgates and allow all you wannabe action heroes a chance to participate in the upcoming Showdown Effect beta.

Submissions are open now, and you can sign up here, so just wait for an invite to come through, suit up, grab a gun and see if you can survive the cinematic madness and cheesy one-liners thrown at you. However if you’ve no idea what the Showdown Effect is, then maybe you’ll want to check out its new trailer.

After last year’s Seven Deadly Sins trailers for the unconquerable Crusader Kings II, we thought Paradox Interactive had reached their peak of excellence for wondrous video game trailers for games that are actually good. Crusader Kings II, you have met your match!

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>Showdown Effect is scheduled for a release during Q1 2013, we loved giving it a spin back in April, and you should undoubtedly be looking forward to it, so sign up now!