Delve into The Critter Chronicles, they're out now

Delve into The Critter Chronicles, they're out now

Today KING Art’s prequel to the charming The Book of Unwritten Tales has been released today for PC, Mac and Linux on all major distribution sites thanks to Nordic Games, and it comes with a special promotion!

The Critter Chronicles is the prequel to the much loved, and highly acclaimed The Book of Unwritten Tales, and tells the tale of how Nate first met Critter, the game is stand-alone so you don’t need to own the original, although we do highly recommend it!

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>really should be paying attention to us, after all the original game The Book of Unwritten Tales is available now on Steam, and if you wish to reminisce of the good old days where fantasy was child-like and innocent you’ve no better game, we can only hope that The Critter Chronicles offers the same engaging storytelling on offer previously.

Act now within the first 24 hours of release and you can get the original The Book of Unwritten Tales for 50% off on Steam, and for the first week of release up until December 12th you can get The Critter Chronicles for 20% off, you won’t need another adventure game to tide you over this holiday season!