The Art of Tomb Raider - a must have for all Tomb Raider fans

I'm a big Tomb Raider fan, from owning all the games, all the way up to cosplaying, so the second I heard that there was an Art of Tomb Raider being released I pre-ordered it immediately.

The Art of Tomb Raider has been published by Dreams and Visions press, and has a rather limited run of 2000 copies worldwide, so when they're sold out on the website you'll only be able to find them second-hand. They charge $125 excluding shipping, I ended up paying just over £100 for the book including shipping, so I felt it wasn't that badly priced for something which is very limited.

It is spread across two volumes and comes in a hardboard case to keep them together (shown in part one of the videos), as you will be able to see in the videos below it's quite a large book, and is printed on extremely high quality paper. However the only downside of the book is that there is a severe lack of annotations to accompany the work, making it a very large picture book.

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