Go Back to the Future on your Nintendo Wii

Telltale Games have always proved that the adventure game as we know it is not dead, they prove that the PC is not dead, and now they’ve gone one step further and continue to bring great adventure games to consoles.

They’ve announced that they have signed an agreement to publish their games for the Wii, so you can expect more than Season 1 of Sam & Max, and StrongBad to grace your Nintendo Wii, as they confirm that Back to the Future: The Game will be the first title under this agreement and will be published in North America this October for a mere $19.99.

“Securing a publishing agreement with Nintendo of America ensures that we can make our popular content available on every major console platform. This signing is a significant milestone in our long-term growth strategy, “said Telltale co-founder and CEO, Dan Connors. Back to the Future: The Game is a great fit for the Wii platform and we’re excited to bring it to retail this holiday.”

Who knows, maybe with this deal we might see Puzzle Agent on the 3DS, or Jurassic Park on the Wii, I hope so! Hopefully more new games and news will come on the agreement soon.