Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!

On other news however, as of yesterday the 11th of March 2010 Telltale started taking orders for the boxed copy, full season of the Tales of Monkey Island. Along with a whole host of special items that fans would also be able to order while purchasing the game.

The DVD available to order as well as the five episodes of the game, includes "making of" team commentaries, production art galleries, promotional videos and more.

Telltale are also releasing a special Deluxe package which includes the standard DVD as well as a collection of exclusive extras: a previously un-discovered Voodoo Lady card, a map from Reginald Van Winslow's collection, a piratey piece of eight coin, a drink coaster from Club 41 and a souvenir button from the Trial of the Century. Fans who missed out on the cover art by Steve Purcell with the series pre-order, can now secure this with their Deluxe Edition order. This collection is available for $14.95 for customers who already own Tales of Monkey Island, and $49.95 for new customers.

To celebrate the release, Telltale have added a bounty of new Monkey Island related items on the Store, fans can purchase these items along with their DVD orders: a full deck of the Voodoo Lady's cards, a Tales of Monkey Island Art Portfolio featuring prints suitable for framing, t-shirts, a new series of buttons and a drinking vessel for your piratey beverages!

Currently Telltale are also running a promotion where they have extended free shipping for all orders over $50 for the first weeks of the ordering window.

For more information please visit the Telltale Monkey Island website, and while your visiting don't forget to check out Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse