Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe edition unboxing

A collector's/deluxe edition that arrived out of the blue (because of international shipping) was the Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe edition. The Tales of Monkey Island created by none-other than the amazing TellTale Games is an adventure game which is set several years after Escape from Monkey Island. As usual following the tale of everybody's favourite Guybrush Threepwood, which was then split into five parts in order to tell the story in bite sized chunks.

The Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe edition can be found only through TellTale Games' website, and will cost $14.95 if you've already purchased Tales of Monkey Island or $49.95 for any new customers and is available in this package only on Windows PC.

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And don't forget as well as purchasing the Deluxe edition you can also pick up lots of cool merchandise like the tankard I showed in the video as well as full sets of Voodoo cards or a set of badges, you can see the full list of items on the TellTale Games website.