It seems to be that time of the year again, pop over to Steam to check out the Autumn sale!

One thing that PC gamers have grown to love is the Steam sales, which luckily seem to happen very often these days. Of course it's a bad day for some, due to the sheer number of games purchased because they're cheap. My total is currently at about 182 games mainly thanks to the Steam sales, and I haven't bought any from the Autumn Sale yet!

Just in time for Thanksgiving for those in America, Steam is now featuring an Autumn Sale which is lasting through 23rd-27th of November. A large back catalogue of games has been put on a constant sale as well as the cherished daily deals which change round at 18:00 GMT each day of the sale.

Of course the clever way to use the sale is to keep an eye on the daily sales, and then if the game you wanted to go slightly cheaper doesn't drop in price, you buy it on the last day of the sale. Then minimising a purchase of a game for a set price that could drop by £10 the next day!

You can check out yesterday’s/todays deals below, and we'll keep you all updated with the next deals when they're live.

If you want to see a full list of games on sale for the duration of the offer we highly recommend Lewie Procter's lovely long list that he's put together.

If you do miss the sale though, don't fret, there's sure to be a Christmas/Winter sale just around the corner.