New indie game Stained is announced

We're excited about another indie title in the works from across the globe; RealAxis Software based in Bangalore, India have just launched a new trailer for Stained, an upcoming side-scrolling, platformer set in an ancient mysterious castle.

What is unique about this castle is it is literally a supernatural giant; left sprawling in an unknown and uninhabited planet devoid of life for centuries the deeply rooted evil lurking inside has successfully protected itself from potential intruders. If anything precious is broken in the castle such as the adorned stained glass windows, the castle will turn against the intruder, and shattered pieces come to life forming monstrosities with the need to kill.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>is most impressive about Stained is that it has been developed entirely using open-source software; with modelling and level design achieved in Blender, the graphics are powered by OGRE, and Bullet powers the physics engine. This combination promises a continually changing game world, detailed 3D environments and some great physics based platforming.

Stained will be released worldwide in early 2012 for PC, we'll be interested to see more news surface on Stained as a release date is confirmed.