Stacking announced as Double Fine's newest game

Double Fine Productions have just announced Stacking; a new brilliant downloadable title from Double Fine Productions; a new imaginative third-person adventure puzzle title that will combine great storytelling and puzzle-solving challenges in an absolutely beautiful setting. In Stacking, a family of Russian stacking dolls have been separated by tough economic times, and it’s up to the youngest doll Charlie Blackmore to bring his family back together.

Stacking is the brilliant idea from project lead Lee Petty, and much like Double Fine’s latest downloadable title Costume Quest, Stacking looks like it will have the endearing charm of a small puppy, that and with its fantastically ingenious setting, and original concept, it is looking to be one of THE downloadable titles for next year!

Stacking is the second downloadable game to be produced by THQ by the award-winning Double Fine Productions; players will be required to capture and stack dolls together and use each doll's unique ability to solve puzzles; with each puzzle solved you will acquire new dolls, and the story of Charlie Blackmore will unfold. With so many different dolls in the game each challenge will have multiple solutions which gamers will be encouraged to discover as they race to bring Charlie’s family back together.

Double Fine Productions founder and CEO Tim Schafer added, “We’re really excited to be doing another game with THQ, building on the success we had with Costume Quest, and delivering another great adventure told in an entirely new way. What Lee has created with Stacking is something truly awesome — a game with a great story and puzzles, and a completely fresh method for interacting with them both.”

Stacking is scheduled for release this spring, and will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, we can't wait! Before then don't forget that the new Costume Quest DLC that will be available this Winter to add some more story to the brilliantly adorable Costume Quest.