Spaceteam review: Enable the Quadhash!

Spaceteam review: Enable the Quadhash!

If you've got a few friends and some iOS devices and you're up for commanding and maintaining a starship then perhaps I've got the game just for you.

Spaceteam is a co-operative party game meant for 2 to 4 players where you have to work with each other to stop your ship from falling into an exploding star. While playing you're confronted with a command which could ask you to Cross the Streams, Fluff the Pillows or Set the Newtonian Photomists to Maximum. There's a large vocabulary of funny terms and it's your duty to say what it is to your friends as most of the time it won't be a button, knob or switch on your panel. While receiving your commands your friends will be as well and that's then where it either gets shouty, polite or a mess dependant on who you're playing with. All you need to make sure to do is listen, call out your commands and perform your duties, simple right?

When you start a new game you have to wait for others to join either via wifi or Bluetooth and then once you join others you'll be randomly assigned a costume and sit in the waiting room. The costumes themselves are just there for comical and aesthetic value and don't reflect on the game at all, but it's fun telling the others how you're the guy with pink hair and a tail for example.

Each successful command carried out takes your ship further away from your impending doom, and it's the correct commands that will bring you closer to completing the section. Meaning some sections can feel like they last quite some time, whereas others may be over in 30 seconds. Generally you'll spend 10 minutes plus playing a session until game over dependant on how good your crew are. The point where it gets even harder is when you enter a section where symbols are used, then it's up to you to quickly describe what you see, which is a lot harder than you think.

The art style is fairly simple, but then if it were overly complex you'd be distracted, when what you need to be doing is concentrating on what you hear and what you have in front of you. It's not just a basic panel you get throughout the game though, it all gets mixed up dependant on the Sector you're about to fly into. You can have slime fall down your panels which you can wipe away, sparks if you aren't doing too well or even panels hanging on by just a screw requiring you to spin it round to the correct position.

As well as commands for the ship you'll also be confronted with external threats like asteroids which requires your whole team to shake their devices around until it's clear, or the even more deadly wormhole which requires you to flip your device upside down.

There are also some little pieces of DLC available at 69p each should you wish to expand the game further through various means, including new challenges, different ship designs, new outfits and more crazy symbols. Also make sure to watch the credits as well because of the great little song that accompanies them.

Overall for the sci-fi aficionado out there Spaceteam is the game to play when you have company and want to have a bit of fun, as long as the neighbours don't mind you being a little loud.

five stars

Spaceteam is available for free on iOS and works on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone so go download it now and get your friends to download it too.