Will you brave the Space Hulk in the brand new iteration next year?

Will you brave the Space Hulk in the brand new iteration next year?

Warhammer 40k fans are looked after pretty well these days, with both strategy and action covered by THQ’s various IPs, however there is something that many fans yearn for; a new Space Hulk. Well your prayers have been answered, and this game is the turn based strategy that you've always wanted.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>ependent studio Full Control have announced that in association with Games Workshop they will be bringing the beloved Space Hulk IP to digital platforms next year. Space Hulk will be a 3D turn based strategy that hopes to recreate the claustrophobic board game experience for single player, multi-player and cross platform play.

Set in the isolated corridors of an ancient space vessel lost in the expansive graveyard of space, players must lead a small unit of Space Marine Terminators through the desolate Space Hulk that quickly turns into a battle of survival when they come face to face with hordes of terrifying Genestealers.

Based on the ‘Sin of Damnation’ campaign from the most recent 3rd edition of Space Hulk, the game contains a 12 mission single player and co-operative campaign, and in true board game fashion, players can go head-to-head as Space Marines and Genestealers in the multiplayer game. Space Hulk will also come complete with a level editor that will enable players to design their own levels and share them with their friends and online.

We cannot wait to see what Full Control do with Space Hulk when it is released in 2013 for Windows PC, Mac and iOS devices.