Shadow of a Soul: Chapter 1 announced

We love our small independent operations at Gamercast, but a one man army? Well Vivec Entertainment has just announced the release date for their spine-chilling adventure-horror game; Shadow of a Soul: Chapter 1 alongside a trailer, the first in a trilogy for the one man studio.

Set to immerse players in a story rich in riddle, enigmas and horrors in the vein of traditional adventure games; on a routine theft job, thief Jack gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to steal the blueprints of a new product, as unnatural sounds and horrifying visions begin to unravel so begins the terrifying journey that will lead him through several mysterious encounters.

"For me, Shadow of a Soul is all about creating the creepiest and most shocking gaming experience. The goal of Chapter 1 is to dig the foundations for the following two chapters while telling a satisfying story in its own right. I’ve been blogging everyday about the development of the game and I’ll continue to do so until the release date. I invite everyone to check out the company blog to find out how the development is going, and everyone’s more than welcome to contribute their 2 cents," says Ferzan Kanat Aygen CEO of Vivec Entertainment.

Shadow of a Soul: Chapter 1 has already been in development for over a year, and promises a very impressive 12-16 hours of gameplay. Retailing at $19.99 it is looking for a release October 24th the week before Halloween 2012, and will see release on PC, with a PS3 version guaranteed in 2013.

Incidentally if the trailer peaks your interest you can pre-order the game now for a discounted $15.99 saving 20% off the official purchase price, and earn yourself a credit as a producer on the game alongside three ambient tracks that will feature in Shadow of a Soul.