The Showdown Effect's out now!

The Showdown Effect's out now!

If you haven’t been following it, then you may not be aware that The Showdown Effect; the beautiful culmination of action movies, one-liners, guns, explosions and the stereotypical champions of the action films of the good old days, is now out!

That’s right, the multiplayer affair from Arrowhead Game Studios is available for PC and Mac worldwide! Prepare for the chaos that ensues when all of the characters from every single action movie from the 80s and 90s get together!

With an amnesiac clone, a cop one day from retirement, a wise martial arts master, a teenage genius and a brave sir knight among other action hero archetypes, you’ll have a hard time surviving it in the arena without the necessary weapons! Presented in beautiful 2.5D, and supporting up to 8 players in a match, you can even boast your kills in the added TwitchTV integration.

To celebrate the game’s launch Paradox are hosting a live stream of The Showndown Effect March 7th 2013 at 7pm with one of many TwitchTV streams live from inside of the game!

The Showdown Effect is available now for Windows PC and Mac for a mere £7.99, if you like your multiplayer on the edge of your seat, filled to the brim with fast paced action with guns-aplenty, give it a look!