Shoot Many Robots before they get to you!

Does the name Demiurge ring a bell? You’d think they would after having worked on many blockbuster games such as Borderlands, Bioshock and Mass Effect. Well the little-known studio has branched off to make their own original IP, and it’s one that for some reason fell under the illustrious Gamercast radar.

Shoot Many Robots is a new fast paced four player cooperative arcade title that gives the player a bit of variation on the side with its roleplaying aspects that include the ability to level up their character and equip them with new and interesting things including a tutu! Think of the game as a cross between the button bashing Metal Slug, Borderlands and horde mode, you've got lots of guns, lots of robots, and a very stylised game.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>multiplayer supports both local and online with two player local co-operative and four player online which is fantastic news for all worlds, I know I like a bit of local co-op! Shoot Many Robots will be available early 2012 via Xbox Live Arcade, PC and Playstation Network, unfortunately a solid date or price has not yet been confirmed, however we imagine it will be close to 1200 MS Points.