Shoot Many Robots is coming to Steam!

Shoot Many Robots is coming to Steam!

The awesomely cool Shoot Many Robots is hot off of its launch on the XBLA and PSN earlier this month, and is getting itself ready for a Steam launch April 6th. Demiurge Studios and Ubisoft will be brining the beer-fuelled run-and-gun cooperative bucket of fun to the digital platform for £6.99, and have announced some pre-order bonuses that will be available.

First off, as a primarily cooperative online game, Steam Pack’s will be in circulation with an offer of buy three get one free, so buy three copies of the game and you are set for some four player action. All of the pre-order bonuses are Valve based as usual, and you’ll be able to use special gear to kick some robot ass as Gordon Freeman, a selection of the enemy robots in the game will be replaced with the awesome Portal turrets, as well as a special backpack that will be available from Team Fortress 2.

Shoot Many Robots on Steam will reportedly feature sexier graphics supporting resolutions up to 2560x1600 and 60fps, that's right, this game is overhauled and optimised for PC in every way, including PC-centric controls, fully integrated Steam matchmaking, Facebook matchmaking, Steam achievements and integrated voice chat.

"We're dedicated PC gamers here at Demiurge Studios, and we wanted to make sure and take the time to do the PC version right,” said Albert Reed, CEO. “We rebuilt the controls for PC and overhauled all the user interface so it won't feel like you've turned your keyboard into a gamepad that makes clicky sounds — every detail has been considered to make this an optimized and seamless experience."

Shoot Many Robots is a new fast paced four player cooperative arcade title that gives the player a bit of variation on the side with its roleplaying aspects that include the ability to level up their character and equip them with new and interesting things including a tutu! Think of the game as a cross between the button bashing Metal Slug, Borderlands and horde mode, you've got lots of guns, lots of robots, and a very stylised game.

Shoot Many Robots will be available April 6th on Steam for £6.99 and is available to pre-order now, the game is also currently available via the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.