Want to try and become a sea captain in the Ship Simulator Extremes demo?

VSTEP and Paradox Interactive have announced that their recently released Ship Simulator Extremes has had a demo released, containing two playable missions, from the Tourist Tales and Greenpeace campaigns.

In Tourist Tales players can captain a fast craft as you take tourists on a guided tour around Sydney Harbor, making sure that they get to see the Opera House, The Rocks, Darling Island and more, all realistically modeled to perfection, however you can't spend your whole mission dawdling around, if you don't bring your passengers back in time they won't be happy. In the Greenpeace mission you will sail the Esperanza, to the Whale Sanctuary in the Antarctic to track down a whaling fleet, and it will be up to you to stop their illegal whaling activities and bring them to justice.

Ship Simulator Extremes was an exceptionally well crafted, and detailed simulator, and if you haven't checked it out because you don't think it's your bag, it is definitely worth downloading the demo for a butchers. The demo is available now from FilePlanet, if you wish to be swayed further, and didn't catch our review, you can find it here.

Ship Simulator Extremes is available to buy now for Windows from all good retailers, as well as most online distribution platforms for an SRP of £34.95.