Nab yourself a Shadows of the Damned OST while they are still available!

Those of you that like your physical soundtracks rather than the usual digital download these days, and are a fan of the brilliant Grasshopper Manufacture will be ecstatic to hear that the official Shadows of the Damned OST is now available to buy from the GhM WebStore.

The selection of songs can take players to hell and back as they reminisce over the unique concept and engaging gameplay of Shadows of the Damned, much in the same way you can listen to a track from Silent Hill and instantly conjure up points from the game.

“I wanted to craft a soundtrack that was more than just a collection of the most popular songs from Damned. I set out to create an experience that would take players back to the game, as if they were “watching” a movie,” Yamaoka explains.

The soundtrack features the fantastic theme song ‘Take Me to Hell’ featuring recurrent collaborators; Mary-Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker, as well as the ending theme featuring the punk band The Damned. The massive track list is as follows;

1. An Ordinary Life
2. Take Me To Hell (Broken Dream)
3. Cannibal Carnival
4. What a Wonderful World
5. Riders of the Lost Heart
6. It’s a Bughunt
7. My Dying Concubine
8. As Evil As Dead
9. The Bird’s Nest
10. The Big Boner
11. Great Demon World Village
12. Ghost Hunter
13. Great Demon World Forest
14. Suburban Nightmares
15. Justine for All
16. Twelve Feet Under
17. Different Perspectives
18. The Castle of Hassle
19. The Final Chapter
20. Til Death Do Us Part
21. Shadows of the Damned (ft. The Damned)

Limited to only 1000 pressings, and having already sold 300 over a weekend, the first 600 copies are being signed by Yamaoka when sold to international customers. Whilst the price tag of $30 may be a little steep for some, when this baby sells out, its gone forever!

Incidentally a Shadows of the Damned companion art book; ‘Kurayami’ will be available in the store from September 9th that features art from concept artist Q-Hayashida and never before art of Flemming and his Damned, a special Damned manga and a conversation with Suda 51 & Q-Hayashida — unfortunately in Japanese.