It is the time of the Sengoku period... no not the Neo Geo game

Paradox Interactive have announced their newest internally developed game; Sengoku, a brand new Grand Strategy title for the PC.

Sengoku is a deeply character driven strategy game that sees you play the head of an illustrious Samurai family in 15th century Feudal Japan. In the year 1467, civil war has broken out after the authority of the Ashikaga Shoguns has collapsed; it is every man for himself.

You will need to use your power to attempt to unite Japan with the use of your Samurai armies, and Ninja clans. As it stands, the details on Sengoku are a little sketchy, however we are sure that more information will be released in the coming months; a release date is as of yet unknown also, but while you wait, check out the announcement trailer.

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It is undoubtedly interesting for Paradox to announced Sengoku when Shogun 2 is just around the corner, but they must have something up their sleeve, after all, Paradox's grand strategy titles like Hearts of Iron and Victoria are such beautifully intricate and strategic games does Total War stand a chance?