We've got to Save the Turtles!

We've got to Save the Turtles!

Developed and published by Sabarasa, a Latin American company, Save the Turtles is one of the first of several upcoming titles exclusively for DSiWare and WiiWare. In Save the Turtles players must help endangered sea turtles as they hatch from the safety of their shells into a life where death is a constant possibility until they are safely carried away by waves into the ocean. With multiple gameplay modes Save the Turtles contains real life environmental issues, on beach locations where predators such as seagulls and crabs, or overexposure to the sun can mean death; don’t forget of course manmade hazards such as oil spills and garbage will also prove a problem.

Save the Turtles features four addictive game modes; Save the World, Quick Play, Tidal Wave and Turtles Forever, Save the World features 32 levels of challenging fun as you try and save all six species of baby turtles by uncovering eggs from the sands and organising lines of hatched turtles so that the waves can safely carry them away before real-life perilous dangers can.

Save the Turtles looks to be a great compelling puzzle game, and has already launched to critical success in the US, and will be available to download in Europe and Australia exclusively for download on Nintendo DSiWare Friday 30th April 2010 for only 500 points.

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