Salem opens up beta sign-ups!

Salem opens up beta sign-ups!

After many requests, BETA sign-ups have opened for Paradox Interactive and Seatribe’s upcoming free-to-play MMO set in the New World when pilgrims were a dime-a-dozen and the frontier was the greatest risk to a person’s wellbeing.

Salem is a unique experience for MMO players and crafting enthusiasts that is known best for its Permadeath mechanic that will allows players to succumb to the harsh wilderness and lose their character forever if they are not careful. They're newest video goes into the wild dark corners of the unknown.

“We’ve been getting Beta requests from gamers since we announced Salem and it’s great to finally be able to let people into the beta testing” said Björn Johannessen , lead designer at Seatribe. “We’ve chosen to keep the sign up completely open, the more the merrier, and will do our best to listen to all feedback we get”

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>em will be going into BETA at the end of April 2012, sign up here for a chance to play the game before it is scheduled for release during Q3 of 2012.