Feast your eyes on this Runner2 trailer

Feast your eyes on this Runner2 trailer

For any Commander Video fans out there Gaijin games have now released a brand spanking new video showing off the greatness that is Runner2. Of course as the game is still in its early stages it is pre-alpha footage in the video, but the fluid animation and light feeling of Commander Video makes the video well worth a watch.

Gaijin thought they'd temp everyone with a little footage just before they show it off at PAX East where they claim it will look...

1 Earth-Billion times better by PAX East.

Nothing in the video can be referred to as final, the background isn't animating, there's a lack of particles and there's odd white dots in places. However with that said they wanted to let all their loyal readers of their blog have a look at the game in action. So for anyone out there who doesn't check their blog recently, we thought we'd also share the video.

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There's a lot of polish still needed to get it finished, but I honestly can't wait, maingly because of the massive improvement in CV's animations, but I know they'll still be able to make it miles better and blow the amazing original out the water.

So if you're going to be in Boston between the 6th-8th April and you have a ticket you could pop along to PAX East and maybe even have a play!

Runner2 is currently set for a release on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network later this year, unlike the previously scheduled "early 2012" launch window.

Of course for those in the UK this video comes at a great time reminding you that BIT.TRIP SAGA and BIT.TRIP COMPLETE are released this week on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii courtesy of Rising Star Games.