Rune Factory Frontier coming soon to your Nintendo Wii

From the creators of the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory game for the DS, they are now bringing us Rune Factory for the Nintendo Wii and the lovely people at Rising Star Games are bringing it over to Europe this year.

An exclusive to Nintendo’s console, Rune Factory Frontier features beautiful graphics and utilises the Wii’s controls to the fullest.

As well as being a beautiful game Rune Factory Frontier features an open-ended structure to the story and gameplay, allowing the player to choose what kind of game they wish to experience. With a choice from excelling in growing crops (our favourite here at Gamercast), helping the town expand, fighting monsters or of course our other favourite, picking the right girl and falling in love.

Like the previous games the story follows Raguna and Mist, however this time round Raguna is in search of Mist, who has mysteriously disappeared. It now takes place on the island of Tranrupia, which is a floating island in the shape of the whale.

Rune Factory Frontier is scheduled to come out on 1st of April in Europe, it was amazing on the DS and we can only imagine it’s going to be miles better on the Wii by having the advantage of the better hardware and a nice big TV to play it on.