Catch the trading system of Rise of Venice in the new trailer

Catch the trading system of Rise of Venice in the new trailer

I love a good trading sim, so games like Rise of Venice get me really excited, and why not? Not only do you have the backdrop of Renaissance era Europe, but as a young merchant of Venice you've got the trading empire of Genoa to compete against as you attempt to work your way up the ranks. Kalypso Media have unveiled a new trailer for Rise of Venice that shows off a little of the game's economic and trading system.

Rise of Venice starts the player out as a young merchant looking to pave his way to a trading empire during Renaissance era Venice, whilst you begin with a meagre group of trading ships, it won't be long until you've turned them into a mercantile fleet! Rise of Venice isn't all about the trading, and Renaissance Europe was ripe with political machinations that you will have to pay attention to if you wish to succeed.

In a story full of intrigue and treason in Venice you won't be alone; with your own family tree you can interact with family members, send them on missions and watch how your family grows as your trading empire expands across important cities such as Rome, Alexandria, Constantinople and Athens through production facilities and fleets.

Rise of Venice is scheduled for a release on Windows PC September 27th.