Retro Game Base: A new social retro games specialist store

Retro Game Base: A new social retro games specialist store

It happened over a month ago on the 23rd of June but a brand new video game store opened up in the UK that specialises in Retro games. You may or may not have known but if you're within reach of London you could pop over to check out the store.

Retro Game Base have opened up a shop in Streatham, London. You may have heard of them from their work with Hand baked Arcade, or you may have even bought something off their eBay store, well along with their plans to open up the ultimate video game store that includes a bar where you can order drinks, they've gone halfway and opened up a new store to make any fans of the good old days happy by going back on a nostalgia trip.

In the South of the UK Retro specialists are increasingly hard to come by and unless you're willing to go up to the North you won't have many chances of finding a nice array of stores with an interesting selection of games. If Retro Game Base sounds like your cup of tea why not watch our interview with them below which also features footage from the store so you can get an idea of their stock. Plus you can always ask them directly on their Facebook page if they have a specific game in stock.

You can follow Retro Game Base on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their upcoming tournaments and special days which currently include a Bomberman Tournament and a Rarity showcase. If you live in London we urge you to check out their opening times which can be found on their Facebook page and go give the store a look as they may have a little gem that you've been looking for, for years. I walked away with a large bagful of goodies and intend on going back for more.

If however you aren't from the UK or London is a little far for you to travel you can always visit there while attending upcoming events like the Eurogamer Expo 2012.