Release date announced for 1954: Alcatraz

Release date announced for 1954: Alcatraz

Daedalic Entertainment have revealed the release date for their beautiful 1954: Alcatraz, and its coming very soon! For those not in the know, Alcatraz is an upcoming noir point and click adventure set during the vice-ridden Golden Gate city of the 50s, it tells the story of Joe, a man locked away in the infamous Alcatraz for armed assault, but he's eager to break out and claim his hidden loot, though can he escape 'The Rock'?

A beautiful setting sun on Alcatraz 1954

Things start to get tense when his wife starts receiving death threats from Joe's partner in crime Mickey who's in a mad rush to find their hidden spoils now that every crook from North Beach is on the look-out for it! With the surprising twists you'd hope for from a good noir story, 1954: Alcatraz will feature all the drama and tough decision making a high-quality adventure game deserves, and to boot, the game is stunning! We got our hands on it recently for a preview, and cannot wait to see the game in its finished state!

1954: Alcatraz is scheduled for a release March 11th 2014 for Windows PC and Mac, it will be available via Steam, and GOG for £16.99 with full localisation in English and German, as well as French and Russian subs.