Featured image of post Welcome-in the London to Faversham High Speed route in Train Simulator 2013

Welcome-in the London to Faversham High Speed route in Train Simulator 2013

Railsimulator.com definitely have the monopoly on train simulators, you only need to view the downloadable add-ons that amounts to well over 50 packs, so new trains and lines are not usually big news, however Train Simulator 2013 can now welcome in the London-Faversham High Speed route complete with the Hitachi Class 395, what makes it special? This is a standalone route!

The London to Faversham route covers from London St Pancras International to Faversham Kent, all enjoyed from the luxury of a 140mph train, the Class 395 are based on bullet train technology, and represents one of the most advanced high-speed passenger trains in the UK. The highly detailed Class 395 is complete with full start-up procedure, in-cab lighting, passenger view, working fans on the roof, accurate catenary and more.

Even better, because the London to Faversham High Speed Route is standalone, it acts like a base game, and allows you to use other Train Simulator add-ons, so if you feel like a little Trains vs. Zombies, Bristol to Exeter or maybe a few new trains the choice is still there.

The London-Faversham High Speed Route is available now on Steam for £24.99, if you’ve held off from purchasing Train Simulator 2013 because you don’t want to experience London to Brighton or Munich to Augsburg, then there’s not better time to purchase London-Faversham with Steam Big Picture and Xbox 360 controller support.