Psychonauts 2 coming soon?

So the last few days have been a bit crazy for gamers fond of Psychonauts. It is well known that Tim Schafer has wanted to make a Psychonauts sequel, and for years everyone else has wanted him to make it, but no publishers were willing to take it up.

So in a chain of events that started on friday Tim Schafer discussed sequels in an article posted on Digital Spy and a Psychonauts sequel was mentioned, Tim said he would like to do it but that Double Fine isn't in a position to put the millions needed into the project.

At around 11 on Tuesday Feb 7th "Notch" creator of Minecraft tweeted "Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen." aimed at Tim Schafer. So at this point we can tell that Notch believes he has the millions needed to support a project the scale of Psychonauts. This tweet then prompts people to tweet to Tim on the subject.

At around 6pm Tim Schafer tweets "Man, so many tweets. I assume this is all people asking for codes to Happy Action Theater and Rise of the Martian Bear?" a little bit of goofing around on the part of Mr Schafer and his newly released be followed up with "Oh Wait. Hm. This is interesting." Now at the moment there is nothing more on Tim Schafer's twitter feed.

Oh well, whilst it would be a dream come true for many fans, only Mr Schafer and Notch will have the final say, we can only wait.