Check out Pro Cycling Manager 2012's launch trailer

Check out Pro Cycling Manager 2012's launch trailer

With the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2012 just round the corner, Cyanide Studios have released their launch trailer that shows off just how beautiful the game is shaping up, unfortunately we do not get to see any of the new features, and the trailer is a bit more like a graphics capabilities or teaser trailer rather than a launch trailer, but actual ingame footage is always good.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>ever, if you don't know the new features of the one and only cycling manager title, well they have added a fair bit into this year's, hoping to appeal to long-time fans and the uninitiated, Pro Cycling Manager is more complete than ever with the new Pro division, a total of 81 new teams and new competitions, there's also increased management options thanks to the long awaited Season Planner that will allow players to train up their team for the upcoming season, and as always the Tour de France is the pinnacle of the 2012 season, and this year offers more than 180 playable competitions.

As you can see from their launch trailer, the game is more detailed than ever thanks to new models for the riders, new scenery, race elements and environments. Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is also the first game in the series to offer a unique multiplayer system allowing players to challenge each other in a persistent universe with a competition schedule.

Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is out tomorrow for PC just in time for the excitement of the Tour de France that begins in 10 days time.