Pre-order Back to the Future now, and get some devious gnomes

Telltale Games have announced today the platforms, month of release and pricing for the brand new series Back To The Future: The Game which will retail at $24.95, and be released in December for Windows and Macintosh, and will follow shortly on the Playstation 3 and iPad.

When you pre-order Back to the Future: The Game from the Telltale website, not only will you receive a free copy of the brilliantly quaint Puzzle Agent, each pre-order of the series will donate $1 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, and you will gain access to an exclusive insider forum at Telltale, where you will be able to chat with the team creating the game throughout the development cycle.

Picking up after the events of Back to the Future 3, the story will unfold across five episodes with a new instalment each month. With Back to the Future's writer Bob Gale on board the series hopes to be a major success that will appeal to die-hard fans of the films, and adventure gamers.

You can watch a special making of video at the Telltale website with Bob Gale and the team behind the game, showing the first footage of Christopher Lloyd returning to his role of Doc Brown, and talking about his experiences taking part in the game.

If you're a fan of Telltale's games then you will surely want to check out this series, so pre-order it now, and whilst you wait for December, play some Puzzle Agent; you won't regret it!