Post Master is out for delivery now!

Post Master is out for delivery now!

We've all said it before, now thanks to Excalibur Publishing's newest game Post Master you can finally put some effort in and see just how difficult it is to run a mail distribution service, because you may just want to take back anything you've ever said!

In Post Master you must meet the demands of an ever-growing city and compete against rival delivery companies whilst securing a profit. You'll be able to hire staff, purchase vehicles and invest in new offices to process and deliver both letters and parcels with your own determined delivery and collection routes, check out the trailer for a run down on the features of the game.

It looks like a fairly straightforward management sim, though unfortunately it seems as though you will be running things by the book, so no skimping on costs, throwing parcels around, or stealing mail like in real life.

Post Master is shipping now and will be available March 7th from Steam for Windows PC and Mac. We've currently sorting through the mail in Post Master, so keep your eyes peeled for a review shortly!