Police Simulator 2 headed to PC soon

Police Simulator 2 headed to PC soon

Excalibur Publishing have announced another new addition to their simulator range; Police Simulator 2! Now don't go getting this confused with the recently released Police Force, Police Simulator 2 is the sequel to Police Simulator the game that made an interesting mix between simulation, and strategy.

Once again you will assume the role of Chief of Police in a troubled city. It will be up to you to deploy officers to crime hotspots and invest your financial resources wisely in both training your offices and upgrading your vehicles and equipment. Your budget isn't infinite, so you'll have to think first before purchasing a police helicopter to enforce your law from the skies.

From the screenshot alone it is obvious that CyberPhobX have made a lot of changes with the game for instance, you'll be able to place your resources into specific crime fighting initiatives allowing you to set certain crimes as your priority, and choosing what types of deterrents you wish to employ. Policing a city is not a piece of cake, when one area returns to lawfulness be prepared for trouble to spring up elsewhere, you'll need to combine lightning fast reactions with appropriate management skills to ensure that your response times are met.

With a range of campaigns, achievements and quick missions Police Simulator 2 is scheduled for release March 23rd across all good stores and online retailers, are you ready to answer the call?