Pole Position 2012 coming April

Pole Position 2012 coming April

Kalypso Media have announced that the latest in the series of racing sim management games; Pole Position will be seeing a new addition to the franchise this April.

That’s right it’s racing season again, and whilst the Formula One will not be entirely watchable on the BBC, you can still simulate the races at home with Pole Position 2012; the premier Formula One racing management game that challenges players to win the checked flag by designing the perfect car, recruiting the best drivers and advancing your race technology to best your competition.

Featuring new technology trees, players will have to pick and choose their research from over 100 new technology projects, this is as well as the ability to create your own team, create your own drivers, build certain installations for your team’s headquarters, construct training schedules for your drivers and the ability to build your car from scratch.

Pole Position 2012 is scheduled for a release April 20th for Windows PC and the Mac App Store. Whilst you won’t of course have all of the licenses for the teams, who needs Ferrari when you’ve got Team Gamercast! Right?