Gotta Catch 'Em All Pokemon t-shirts

As some may know Uniqlo are an amazing Japanese owned casual wear designer company, with a number of stores across the UK. One thing that flows into their style and designs is Japanese culture. They've had Taiyô Matsumoto tshirts, Osamu Tezuka t-shirts and even a whole line for videogames, including the likes of Virtua Fighter, Resident Evil and Densha De Go!

Well now to celebrate the launch of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver (we presume) Uniqlo are selling a line of Pokemon themed UT T-shirts

They have some really cool designs on there, six in total and you can check them out on the Uniqlo store they are currently going for £12.99 each, and should be available in stores as well, although they weren't anywhere to be found in the Regent Street store earlier on today (17th March).

I shall definitely be picking up the Go Pikachu t-shirt and the Pokemon trainer t-shirt.