Playstation Vita update v1.80 is exciting!

Tomorrow is potentially one of the best days for Playstation Vita owners in the United Kingdom as the new System Software Update v1.80 is officially being released tomorrow. Featuring one of the best Vita announcements from Sony's E3 conference; PSone Classics will be playable on your Playstation Vita.

It also features a large portion of small changes that make using your Playstation Vita feel more fluid, such as a search bar at the top of the internet browser window and being able to control the Vita's menu screen with the face buttons as well as the touchscreen. You can watch a video showing all the feature changes in the update below.

Of course the most important piece of the update is the PSone Classics support and Sony are definately being supportive making over 125 available to play on Playstation Vita from the first update.

To name a few you'll be able to play Classics such as; Vagrant Story, Resident Evil 2, Pandemonium, Kurushi Final or the amazing Kula world. So don't forget to switch on your Playstation Vita, blow off the dust and grab the coolest update in the world. If the game you were aching for isn't on the list don't despair, Sony are promising to add more games each week to grow the library of PSone Classics that can be played on your Vita.

A full list of the games that will be playable from tomorrow can be found here. Fingers crossed that Tombi will be another compatible game in the UK when it launches on September 5th.

Also for those that were worrying, Sony have stated that for those that have already bought the PSone games off the Playstation Store will be able to re-download them for their Playstation Vita provided they're in the list, so there won't be any duplicate purchases needed.

Comment from: shane [Visitor]

Although this is exciting, given the power of the vita, the time and effort could have gone into making more new games, or adding PS2 support, instead they've added something the psp can already do.

29th August 2012 @ 06:57 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

True however it's not just down to Sony to release games on the Vita, it's down to other developers too. Plus the people making the changes in these updates wouldn't essentially be people who usually develop games, they'll have dedicated people for updates.

At least it can now do something that it should have been able to do when it launched, I’m happy the support for PSone games has finally come. I agree it would have been nice to see some actual games or PS2 support but at least they’re actually doing something with the handheld, just perhaps not as much as some would want.

29th August 2012 @ 07:15 Reply to this comment

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