Sponsored Video: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare available now

Sponsored Video: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare available now

Last week saw the release of the eagerly anticipated Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare which started off as a surprise announcement at last year's E3. We were teased a small amount back in June last year where we were shown the spectacular Garden Ops mode, where four friends can join forces as deadly plants and take out wave upon wave of zombies. But that's only one mode, the main portion of the game lies within the competitive multiplayer, utilising exactly what the Frostbite 3 engine has been designed for.

If playing against AI in Garden Ops isn’t your cup of tea then perhaps you want to play Garden & Graveyards a 12v12 competitive multiplayer where you’ll need to defend your garden bases from the zombies, or of course take over those bases and turn them into graveyards if you’re on the opposing side. If zombie smashing and plant weeding is more your thing then you can play some Team Vanquish which is your standard deathmatch style game type where the first team to the required kill count comes out victorious. Along with the three game modes you’ll have the chance to play across 10 maps that come with the game. Plus there have been teases of upcoming DLC so we’re sure more may be added down the line.

Among all the multiplayer modes you’ll have the option to be on the plant team, or zombie team where you’ll be faced with four classes per side, but then there’s variants though a perk system to allow you to change your loadout to create a gameplay style more catered to what you want. The classes mimic those that you may be familiar with from other games, but set within a third person camera perspective and bright, colourful characters it really does bring a fresh look to the standard gritty shooters that we’re used to.

You can of course pick up Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare on Xbox 360 for some fun multiplayer action at a very reasonable price. However the Xbox One version has two extra modes that may sway you towards a current gen purchase. First off you have the ability to play a local split screen co-op where with a friend you can fight against an endless horde of zombies, giving you something to do with family and friends when wanting to have a break from the fast paced action of multiplayer. Or you can also play Boss mode, which allows you to use Kinect, or a SmartGlass device in any of the three modes to support your team. You are presented with a top down view of the battlefield and can help out your friends with artillery strikes, health drops, intel on what’s going on from above and revive stations. Boss mode which is inspired by Battlefield's Commander mode adds a nice new twist to the game, allowing those who may not enjoy multiplayer games to get in on the action.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is available now on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and will be available for PC this year.

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