Pick up Plain Sight today on Steam for a tiny £1.60! *You missed it*

Buy it today

For the 24th until the 26th of August you’re able to pick up the amazing Plain Sight off Steam for a tiny sum of £1.60 ($2.00), saving you a massive 80% off it's original price of £7.99.

Plain Sight is a multiplayer arcade game all about suicidal ninja robots, you’ll need to fly through space across 14 multiplayer maps, battling up to 20 players as you try to destroy as many opponents as possible with your katana. As you destroy opponents you gain energy, collect enough energy and your robot will grow strong and bright, until its just a matter of blowing yourself up! The more opponents you destroy in the explosion, the higher your multiplier, the higher your score the more you can upgrade you ninja robot to do even more damage.

You can pick it up here, also if you've got some friends you want to play with you can pick up a 4 game pack for only £4.80! And while you're at it join the Gamercast Steam group and maybe we'll be able to play a nice big game together.