Check out Peggle 2!

Check out Peggle 2!

Of course the news and announcements have only just started with Gamescom, however as well as new games we're of course treated to gameplay trailers of upcoming releases, and one of those is one of the great announcements from EA's E3 conference, Peggle 2!

Now of course you may ask, how can you improve on what is a pretty solid game already? Well we aren't sure but you can see some ball bouncing awesomeness in the trailer below and otherwise I plan on picking it up with my Xbox One and spending hours on the levels. I'll probably end up playing it more than most of the other launch titles because Peggle is just that addictive.

Most noticeable of things is of course the change to the visual style of the characters, no longer does Bjorn the unicorn look the same, he now looks more cartoonish and less soft and friendly but from the looks of it the Peggle Masters are a bit more responsive to the gameplay, which is a nice addition.

Peggle 2 is going to be released digitally for the launch of the Xbox One for a duration of time before being released on other platforms.