Countdown to the Holidays with Paradox Interactive

Countdown to the Holidays with Paradox Interactive

It's almost time for the Holidays! Whilst many of you groan you cannot help but feel a little of the magical cheer each year. It's also a fantastic time for gamers as publishers, retailers and developers get in the spirit of the season. One such participant in the celebration of the Holiday period this year is Paradox Interactive who are counting down to the Holiday season with a little bit of magic every day.

The Official Tumblr has already featured a special 50% off the Hearts of Iron III Collection, perfect for a strategy gamer or your friend that you want to play with you, and today's gem is a piece of art for a new unannounced title from the publishers.

We're not quite sure what to make of it, any ideas?

Paradox Interactive unannounced title

Be sure to keep an eye on the Paradox Holiday Count down for more great offers on their titles and exciting new snippets of information on their current and potential future titles.