Want to explore a new Oz in OZombie? Get on Kickstarter!

Want to explore a new Oz in OZombie? Get on Kickstarter!

Spicy Horse Games, the developers behind the recent Akaneiro: Demon Hunters have announced that they are working on a new game, and no, before you ask it's not Alice, but its on Kickstarter now.

Suffice to say, American McGee gets asked a lot about a new Alice game on the horizon, in fact the veteran game developer has changed the perception of the character Alice for millions of fans, however because a little company owns the rights to Alice, its not as easy as his fans would hope. So McGee is turning to a new classic fantasy tale; L. Frank Baum's Oz.

McGee hopes to recreate the themes and characters of Oz in his signature style with OZombie, that he hopes will get his dedicated following of fans falling in love with the universe in a narrative driven action-adventure, what makes OZombie a little different to his usual games is that it is built around a single player experience, but opens up multiplayer to you after its completion, and this isn't simply unlocking a cooperative campaign, we're talking competitive PvP as well as raids and tournaments.

OZombie is hoping for a release on Window PC, Linux and Mac with a later release on tablets and it will have no DRM to speak of, so what are you waiting for, if you're a fan of the ideas that are conjured from American McGee's mind then back this project and await a dark and fantastic Oz like you've never seen before.