Okamiden officially has a PAL release date

Capcom have officially announced that one of the cutest titles to date is now coming out on the Nintendo DS on March 18th and that game happens to be Okamiden.

Okamiden is set a few months after the events in the original Okami (PS2) and follows the tales of Chibiterasu, a younger sun god who is summoned to try and protect the land. Being the child of Amaterasu, Chibiterasu has taken the form of a very cute wolf pup, who with the help of Kuninushi must exterminate the new threat that has plagued the world.

Okamiden takes full use of the touch screen to simulate the celestial brush, similar to Okami you will be faced with challenging puzzles and gruelling fights along the way.

We had a go of Okamiden back at a Nintendo event earlier in the year and couldn’t get enough of it, Okamiden will be available to pre-order on most websites over the upcoming weeks and is an exclusive to the Nintendo DS, so get your paintbrush (stylus) ready for the 18th of March.