New Nintendo 3DS Announced

Announced by Nintendo as the successor to the DS is the Nintendo 3DS, which will feature 3D displays with added depth and detail. Unlike the recently released DSi XL, the 3DS has been promised as not simply an update of the original DS, but will allow users to play games with 3D effect, without the need of 3D glasses. The 3DS will however be backwards compatible with all current DS and DSi titles.

There seems to be somewhat of a race going to push the move of 3D content in games and film, although all of these engines and middleware, unlike the 3DS, require the user to wear 3D glasses.

Nintendo have also announced that more information will be given during their press conference at E3 this June, and have said that the 3DS will be released during Nintendo’s financial year, putting a release at somewhere between April 2010 and March 2011.

What to make of this announcement is difficult, Nintendo have encountered 3D before with the Virtual Boy, as well as some games on the NES, but removing the need for 3D glasses makes you ask exactly how are they going to pull this off.